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Snap shots is published by PHSNE monthly, September through June, presenting the next PHSNE event and other articles of interest to members and the photo history community. You can contact the snap shots editor, Bonnie Regelman at New issues are available at after mailing to members.

Articles and reviews are welcome

Articles and reviews of exhibitions or books are welcome. Contact the editor at Authors retain copyright to their original articles; however upon written application to the snap shots editor, PHSNE may grant non-profit societies with similar aims and interests a one-time right to reproduce a snap shots article as long as the author and source are credited and a complimentary copy of the publication is sent to PHSNE.

Searching snap shots issues

You may search the content of issues of snap shots by going to the google search engine and entering "" followed by your search terms. The "site:" command will limit the search to this archive of snap shots issues. At the top of the results page you can click on "Images" to see the images in the issues of snap shots that matched the search terms. To get started on your own search, click here.

snap shots issues by volume

Individual issues in each volume are available as PDF files below by clicking on the volume page links:

Volume 11 2005-2006

Volume 12 2006-2007

Volume 13 2007-2008

Volume 14 2008-2009

Volume 15 2009-2010

Volume 16 2010-2011

Volume 17 2011-2012

Volume 18 2012-2013

Volume 19 2013-2014

Volume 20 2014-2015

Volume 21 2015-2016

Volume 22 2016-2017

Volume 23 2017-2018

Volume 24 2018-2019

Volume 25 2019-2020

Volume 26 2020-2021

Volume 27 2021-2022

Volume 28 2022-2023

Volume 29 2023-2024

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